Welcome to the 3rd Annual Surf Summer Classic!! The Murrieta Surf Soccer Club is happy to announce the third annual Surf Summer Classic will be held July 23rd - 24th (Girls) and July 30th- 31st (Boys) for teams ranging from U8-U14. With over 100 teams expected to participate, we are excited about bringing an elite tournament experience to all participating teams, their families, and fans. So what makes the Surf Sumer Classic the premier tournament for your club team and separates us from the competition?? As a coach, and parent, and a player myself back in the day, we all know that not all tournament experiences are great…Poor facilities, parking miles away from the fields, hopping all around town and beyond to get to that next game, and never being able to watch any games of other teams because they are across town as well.  We at the Surf Summer Classic have been there and done that and have pledged to not be just another tournament but rather a tournament that teams and clubs want to participate every year. And we have done just that with almost 80% of clubs returning from our first year!! So here are the particulars:
  • All games are held in one complex and do not require you or your team to drive all over town to get to the games.
  • All games are officiated by 3 certified referees, even down to U8 ages
  • Teams will always have at least two hours between games during pool play – Playoffs/Finals may differ**
  • All fields will have tournament supplied canopies for both teams (on same side of the field) – spectators will be seated on the opposite side of the field across from their team
  • Actively work with coaches to avoid coaching conflicts
  • Fields will be re-seeded and protected for 1 month prior to tournament
  • Two full Snack Bars and a hand selected group of food and other vendors
  • Full complement of permanent and temporary restroom facilities throughout the complex – including hand wash stations – that are serviced every day
  • Plenty of trash receptacles that are maintained and emptied throughout the day to keep the park and fields clean
  • Ability to watch other teams from your club at the same complex
We at the Surf Summer Classic know you have plenty of options when it comes to your teams’ tournament choices and we hope that you join us this year and for years to come as we continue to provide an elite tournament experience for your team and fans. Sincerely, Lance Young – Tournament Director